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Did you know that most of his notes Leonardo Da Vinci made in mirror writing? It appears normal when it is reflected in a mirror.
But scientists went further and started analysing how the master's works look like when reflected in a mirror. Here is what they found:
For example, applying this method to the painting "Saint Anna" (1499), one gets an image resembling a head in a helmet.

This alien creature can be seen positioning a mirror in a specific place of the famous painting "Mona Lisa"

Well, the most fantastic image shows us the painting "Bacchus". There arises a real Indian deity!

But what is even more interesting is that the mirror needs to be applied precisely in the place where the depicted heroes point their fingers.
They show us the key to their secret. Awesome! But here is the last picture "Bacchus" which unlike other paintings, has one more pointer. And it is there for a reason. It is likely to be the key to the map. And if one finger points at something, then the other finger can too. Brilliant, right?

But where does the finger point? What if it points to a Maltese city with the name that is almost similar to an Italian word describing subjects that the great Italian genius was depicting?! Then the second can show us a place where something or someone important is hiding.

Coincidence? We don't think so! "7"
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