to activate the time for the hint
send "Masterpiece" TO THE messenger CHATBOT.
TASK 1/1
It is a well-known fact that among all the types of art there was only one that Da Vinci did not take seriously. So, the first sign he left on the item, that could be used by a person whom Da Vinci deeply respected albeit did not like.

He was the greatest master of his craft, a man who challenged the Pope himself, the author of the masterpiece in the photo.

Look for a place that shows how back in ancient Malta a material, that this master could use to create his next work, was mined.

When arriving at the site and found a large enough stone near the two columns, think about what Leonardo could have meant by that hint.

Color and 3-7 4-3 2-7 1-1 2-6 2-7
TASK 1/2

Attention!!! When you arrive at the site, try to decipher the code.
Send the second word from the inscription to the chatbot messenger to request the hint!

Head to the right place and look for a fisherman King.
Good luck!
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