Task 3-4 «The escape»

If you read this it means I'm already dead. I am writing to you from a dark prison cell where I somehow managed to get wifi. Read this carefully.

They tortured me. And they know all about the money and the Bank Vault Code. But they do not know the main thing.

I have already given to my wife the encryption of the place. She will wait for me at our secret place. If I cannot meet her, she will sell the encryption to have funds to live and will run away to America.

I knew that I would most likely not be able to get out so I left some clues on how to find my wife just in case. Look at the map.

The first clue is under the rubble of the ancient bridge which helped people reach the other side of the Valley a long time ago.

The second clue is in the cave on the left, just further down by the pathway.

(Find both clues and put them together – then you will have the details of the place we have to meet)

You will find the main clue on the plate of the Church – this is my wife's codeword. Find the secret place and my wife and tell the codeword to her. She will know she shouldn't be afraid of you.

I have to warn you that my wife is not only very beautiful but is also very smart. You might need to meet her intellectual challenge.

Best of luck!

Code structure:

Code #1 : */* *****

Code #2 : ********,

(* - its a letter and numbers)

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