to activate the time for the hint
send the name of your team and "start" via WATS UP messenger

Attention!! To all the agents of "Secret Service". Urgent message.

Our undercover agent Z1 managed to steal from the secret laboratory of Dr. No One the samples of nanobots, similar to what the Doctor will use today. You can meet her in special place, she is going to give you the samples and the necessary information. Passphrase: Did you ever have a chickenpox?
We don't know whether they are active or not, so be careful! Do not open the container.
Also we intercepted the telephone conversation of Dr. No One with Unknown person. We pass it on to you.
Phone conversation content:
Dr. No One: Damn, someone steal the samples of my nano-robots! I'm afraid we have a mole! If they find out how to activate them they could find my laboratory! Have you hidden the source of activation safely?
Unknown: Yes, sir. It's at our special place in the park, where we played Shakespeare but rain stopped us. Under the seat.
Dr. No One: Good. Any ideas who is this mole could be?
Unknown: I think it is our laboratory assistant, those girl which likes to read. Only she knows where is my lab.
Dr. No One: You're right. I always don't like her. Find her!
Unknown: Yes sir!
Dr. No One: And don't forget to take antidote. Today people population will decrease.
Unknown: Yes sir, I remember.
NOTE: when you find the Source, kindly leave it at the same place.
Thank you.
Emergency call: +356 79502222
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