"Mission Malta"
Entertainment activity - treasure hunt
A few days ago, the headquarters of the "Secret Service" managed to intercept the most secret information. Doctor "No one"- mad scientist and the most dangerous villains in the World, is planning a new terrorist act.
He developed the newest weapon in the form of special nano-robots, capable of penetrating into humans and carried a deadly virus. Only a few thousand such creatures in a matter of minutes can destroy whole continent.
He plans to test his weapon today! And the place he choose for testing is the one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea - the island of Malta.
All the rest of the information is strange enough and complicated.
Perhaps you can understand it.
Because you are the special agents of the super-secret department for fighting the most dangerous criminals on Earth - the "Secret Service".
Your arsenal is the intellect, skills and hope of the whole World.
Your mission is to find Doctor "No one" and save humanity.
Now all the hope is on you!
Good luck!

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